SHE programs focus on social issues and vital life skills. SHE has involved villagers to share in and appreciate each other’s religious festivals and traditions. The rights of children to good health, nutritious food, education, a healthy environment and self-respect is a vital focus in a society plagued with child labor. SHE can address these larger issues because of the success in literacy (Urdu), mathematics, and vocational training which gives both men and women the opportunity to become economically strong and to believe in themselves.

Protection and rehabilitation of girls who have been exposed to abuse

• Strategies will be developed that such conditions will not arise again
• The girls will be provided with a safe and protective environment
• Trauma Therapy will be provided on a regular basis to overcome the Trauma
• If required, legal counselling & aid will be arranged
• Re-integration into the formal school system will be established

Reduction in child labor

• Strategies will be developed to create alternative sources of income
• They will be provided with the informal option for education
• Reintegration of the children into formal Education will be considered
• Help will be given to assist them in re-organizing their lifestyle

Help when sexual exploitation is occurring

• The girls targeted in such situations will be provided with Legal Aid/counselling
• Strategies will be developed to overcome trauma
• Steps will be taken for their rehabilitation
• Vocational training will be provided

Planned vocational skills (partial list)

• Commercial fabric painting
• Stitching and embroidery
• Tie-dyed silk scarves
• Screen printing
• Cotton bags (with logo)

Formal education for girls who are experiencing poverty and/or racism

• The children in need of formal education will be sent to the Christian Girls High School, Sargodha.
• Strategies will be developed for the reunification of the families (broken family cases)
• Their basic needs will be attended to
• They’ll be provided with a visiting psychiatrist, with help from the national NGOs Network.