SHE-logoIn the socio-political life of Pakistani society, traditional gender roles define a woman’s place in her home but not at the workplace. Male is defined as the breadwinner. Consequently, society in general invests far more in men than in women. Pakistani women in Pakistan suffer from a poverty of opportunities throughout their lives. The female literacy rate is only 29%. Violence against women and girls (domestic violence, rape, honor killings, acid attacks, trafficking, etc.) is uncontrolled in Pakistan. Human rights groups posit that cases of honor killing go largely unreported, and the victims are frequently very young girls.

The SHE Project (Struggle-Hope-Empowerment) was established to respond to these issues. The SHE project strives “to develop culturally and religiously appropriate mechanisms of mediation and intervention for children and women victims/survivors of violence in its various forms in different areas of Punjab, particularly where PEB already has a presence.” The program is so effective and so critically needed that programs are now being offered in 20 communities. Representatives of the German organization Kindernothilfe were so impressed that they have provided funding for the program since 2006.

This program was previously known as Girls at Risk (GAR) but was renamed SHE to reflect a more inclusive approach.

SHE-2Our Purpose

Girls and Women in the target communities have secured their social, cultural and economic status in society.

Our Goal

Socio-economic status of the women and girls in selected areas of Punjab is improved; confidence and self-esteem is enhanced; and they are contributing towards the betterment of their households and society.

Our Objectives

  • Establishing effective and efficient project management mechanisms to ensure proper implementation, monitoring and internal controls.
  • Mobilizing and strengthening Community Groups (CGs) by enhancing their skills, knowledge & participation to take collective initiatives on their own.
  • Promoting awareness at community level on various social, economic, communal and health issues with special focus on women and children’s rights.
  • Identifying, rehabilitating and providing legal aid services for girls/women at risk and victims of different forms of violence.
  • Women (including girls and women at risk) in the target communities are effectively managing their economic activities.

SHE Shelter Homes

Based in Sangla Hill in the Sheikhupura district of Punjab, SHE project has sheltered many girls and women in the shelter homes in these 4 locations:

  • Sangla Hill (a mostly Christian city) and its suburb Mirajpura
  • Kotley
  • SargodhaMartinpur (another predominantly Christian village)
  • Martinpur (another predominantly Christian village)

Temporary shelter (up to 6 months) can be provided. School age children living in the shelter home receive their formal education at the Christian Girls’ High School. Adult Education and Vocational Training Centers are also operating at these locations.