sheFriends of SHE, a group of committed Presbyterian women in Hershey, Pennsylvania, share the passion of their sisters in Pakistan who want to bring a better life to their families through the power of education and life skills training. Friends of SHE was organized in 2013 to provide PEB and the SHE Project with a strong Presbyterian service partner in the United States by working to make SHE handcrafted goods available to churches throughout the Presbyterian Church (USA). Proceeds are returned to the SHE Project to provide shelter, education, marketable skills, and opportunities for the women and girls in Pakistan who create the products.

Friends of SHE hopes to expand the visibility of SHE products in markets around the United States by establishing a network of volunteer salespersons around the country to promote PEB and SHE. At the same time, Friends of SHE looks forward to strengthening its relationship with the women of Pakistan and praying for peace and prosperity in their lives.

Visit the Friends of SHE website ( to learn more and to find out how you can order SHE products.