The SHE project is a community development program that encourages individuals, groups, and organizations to solve problems at the community level. It is based on:– community analysis

Untitled– community analysis
– identification of cases that are facing any kind of risk
– planning
– implementation and
– eradication of risks

In this regard the SHE Field Team organizes people who live geographical areas with common historical backgrounds. They conduct community meetings and apply participatory reflection and action techniques for the same purpose.

Awareness Training Workshops

Our main objective is to create public awareness about women’s issues. Through these workshops we support and protect women’s rights. Identified victims in the community are given relief by providing them lodging in the SHE shelter home at Sangla Hill. Counseling sessions are also conducted in these workshops.

Vocational Training Workshops

Our aim is to empower women through vocational training. These workshops are conducted by instructors who are experts in their fields. The participants gain practical skills in crafts such as tie-dyeing, fabric painting, stitching, and embroidery. Our slogan is, “Struggle with hope and obtain empowerment.”

SHE Vocational Training: ministry for a church in the USA

First Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia provided funds for the Sangla Hill and Martinpur Vocational Training Centers for Women. These are two of four centers (others are located in Sargodha and Pasrur) which provide women and girls with avenues for economic independence. In a recent year, over 90% of the 100 graduates are now supporting or helping to support their families. The Vocational Training Centers are one way that school facilities are used after the regular school day to improve life for the entire community. This training really transforms lives.