Sargodha Boarding House picChristian Girls’ Primary School Sargodha was started by the North American Mission in 1909. This school was started at the request of United Synod Punjab which consisted of the villages of District Khushab Shahpur and Mianwali.

The North American Mission had a sizeable property at that time and was willing to open the primary school on the current premises. As time passed, more girls from nearby villages wanted to attend the school. However, since the school was very far away from the center of the city, it was impossible for the girls to go to school every day. With this problem in mind, North American Mission upgraded the school to a middle school and started a boarding house for girls in 1973 under the leadership of Ms. Randel and Ms. Brown. At that time almost three hundred girls were admitted to the boarding house.

In 1942 Ms. Makhzan became the next principal with responsibility for the boarding house. That was considered as the golden period of education in the history of the Sargodha campus. In 1972, when the school was nationalized, the boarding house became independent from the school, resulting in fewer residents. Ms. Makhzan worked at the Sargodha boarding house until 1977. She was succeeded by Ms. Dorothy Wilder from USA who served as manager of this campus for more than 15 years.

Due to a lack of adequate resources for repair and renovation, the 75+ year old building was declared dangerous and unusable by an engineering firm several years ago. A portion had already been demolished due to structural deficiencies of the building.

At present there are a large number of girls in the boarding house. Quality facilities are available, thanks to the Almighty and to generous donors who are concerned for the well-being and education of the residents.