OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Christian Girls’ High School and Boarding House were established in 1902-03 under the auspices of the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian Church of North America.

After nationalization of missionary schools in 1972, the boarding house was neglected (repairs and renovation were not done) and the building gradually deteriorated and became unsafe for occupancy. The hall portion of the building collapsed and residents were shifted to the other side of the dormitory.

In 1993, a proposal created by Dr. Mike Medley (Former Executive Secretary PEB) to Presbyterian Women for the construction of a new boarding house building was accepted. By the grace of God, the new building with accommodations for 200 girls was completed and dedicated on April 18, 2001.

At present there are a large number of girls in the boarding house. Quality facilities are available, thanks to the Almighty and to generous donors who are concerned for the well-being and education of the residents.