historyThe United Presbyterian Church of North America began its mission in the sub-continent in 1854 with evangelism, medical work and education. Mission workers in the Sialkot area (part of present day Pakistan) focused their efforts in areas where the people were extremely poor. In 1881, the Christian Training Institute was opened as a primary school and as a feeder school for Gujranwala Theological Seminary. It became the center of education for Christian boys who could otherwise not afford education. Since its founding, C.T.I has produced many key leaders who have fulfilled the school’s motto which is “Light to the World”. Over the years other schools were also established in different areas of the Punjab. Now the schools are located at Lahore, Kasur, Martinpur, Sargodha, Rawalpindi and Sangla Hill.

In 1972, the government nationalized all Urdu medium schools and colleges in the Punjab Province. Over the period of time, the quality of education imparted in the nationalized schools deteriorated. In 1998 Presbyterian Education Board received back some of those schools from the government. The Education Board manages 25 schools and 04 boarding houses. The struggle to provide educational opportunities, promote equality, and work for justice continues to be a challenge in all the schools operated by the education board.