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Since I began working with Presbyterian Education Board in 1998, I have been astounded how God provides! We have faced many challenges and somehow have met those challenges and taken many steps forward. As I often tell our friends, “We do our best and God will do the rest!” This mindset has kept us going at times when it seemed that everything was working against our interests. God is good!

We owe abundant gratitude to Presbyterian missionaries in the 1850s who recognized the importance of educating girls in Pakistan — most coming from poor families in rural areas. They devoted themselves to this mission and established schools in Punjab that are still operating today. They too faced challenges in their work but they persevered because of their commitment and dedication. We continue their legacy today as we currently are educating more than 6000 students in 25 schools.

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Miss Veeda

Presbyterian Education Board

The Presbyterian Education Board is an autonomous Board under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and is supported by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and other churches and organizations worldwide. Its purpose is to provide high quality education fully informed by and rising out of its Christian values and its Christian roots. The scope of the Board extends to primary and secondary schools (including dormitories for Christian children); higher education; and vocational, professional and technical training for children, regardless of race or creed.

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Our vision is to provide high quality education that addresses the needs of all individuals in mind, body and spirit within an environment that embodies the core values of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity, tolerance and respect for others, fairness and justice in all of our dealings. Those served by the PEB are empowered and enabled to deepen their faith and their sense of community in order to have a spirit of service and quality of character that enables them to contribute to positive changes in society as citizens-leaders in their community, their church, their country and the world.


Our mission is to provide, in an enduring way, the highest quality education responsive to the needs of individuals with preparation for the needs and demands of the 21st century. We wish to offer this education to individuals of all religious backgrounds, regardless of their ability to pay, who choose to come to missionary institutions to receive high quality education fully informed by missionary values.


The United Presbyterian Church of North America began its mission in the sub-continent in 1854 with evangelism, medical work and education. Mission workers in the Sialkot area (part of present day Pakistan) focused their efforts in areas where the people were extremely poor. In 1881, the Christian Training Institute was opened as a primary school and as a feeder school for Gujranwala Theological Seminary. It became the center of education for Christian boys who could otherwise not afford education. Since its founding, C.T.I. has produced many key leaders who have fulfilled the school’s motto which is “Light to the World”. Over the years other schools were also established in different areas of the Punjab. Now the schools are located through the Punjab province of Pakistan.

In 1972, the government nationalized all Urdu medium schools and colleges in the Punjab Province. Over time, the quality of education imparted in the nationalized schools deteriorated. In 1998 the government returned some of the schools to Presbyterian Education Board. The Presbyterian Education Board currently manages 25 schools and 4 boarding houses. The struggle to provide educational opportunities, promote equality, and work for justice continues to be a challenge in all the schools operated by the Presbyterian Education Board.

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What Our Partners Say!

Presbyterian Education Board is fortunate to have partners around the world that contribute to programs and projects that are essential to our operation.

I have had oversight for our mission work with church partners around the world for these last nine years. I have been deeply involved in support of our partner churches and institutions in Pakistan. In this capacity I work with Mrs. Veeda Javaid Gill, the Executive Director of the Presbyterian Education Board (PEB) in Pakistan.
Rev. Dr. William C. Browne, former Director of World Mission of PC(USA)
For a long time, I have thought that it would be good to have a formal network of people who take a special interest in the PEB schools so that we could share information and experiences.
Jane Cranston, member of First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
It is getting closer to the time that I will visit Pakistan and I am becoming more and more excited about the visit and meeting many of the wonderful Pakistani teachers, administrators, students and parents that I have been hearing about.
Dr. Carol G. Johnson Brink, member of First Presbyterian Church, Saint Cloud, Minnesota USA
I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be part of your important work in Pakistan. Now, we gather again to dedicate the completion of this fine school. It is such a joy for me to be a partner with you in building this school and continue to be a partner in other schools as we further the ministry of PEB.
Rev. Dr. C. Edward Morgan, former pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Saint Cloud, Minnesota USA
I was invited to lay the first brick of a groundbreaking ceremony for a perimeter wall at the Sangla Hill school; it was an honor I will not soon forget. When I spoke to the assembly, I had no trouble telling them how much I loved the school personnel and people of Pakistan.
Cynthia Regnense, Florida, USA
The Eades Foundation provides support every year to the Presbyterian Education Board of Pakistan to help Sangla Hill School. It is an elementary and secondary boarding school for girls. Most of the money is used for scholarships to help girls from families that otherwise could not afford the cost.
David Eades, Eades Foundation, Champaign, IL, USA