Since I began working with Presbyterian Education Board in 1998, I have been astounded how God provides! We have faced many challenges and somehow have met those challenges and taken many steps forward. As I often tell our friends, “We do our best and God will do the rest!” This mindset has kept us going at times when it seemed that everything was working against our interests. God is good!

We owe abundant gratitude to Presbyterian missionaries in the 1850s who recognized the importance of educating girls in Pakistan — most coming from poor families in rural areas. They devoted themselves to this mission and established schools in Punjab that are still operating today. They too faced challenges in their work but they persevered because of their commitment and dedication. We continue their legacy today as we currently are educating more than 6000 students in 21 schools.

We have expanded our mission with the SHE project (Struggle-Hope-Empowerment) to benefit marginalized women. This program offers vocational skills training so women can help to support their families. The women also receive instruction in math and reading, along with awareness training in health, hygiene, care of children, and much more. The SHE project is currently operating in 41 communities.

Since the beginning, we have been fortunate to have individuals, churches, and organizations around the world that believe in our mission and support us with time, talent, and money. In large part these partners make it possible for us to achieve our goals — and sometimes reach out in faith to even greater goals. We continue to welcome more children into the PEB schools as we are able to expand facilities. Volunteers help us provide our teachers and staff with the latest and best practices in teaching so we can deliver the best possible education to our students. Scholarships provided by generous donors allow students to attend school instead of having to work to help support the family. We at PEB are truly blessed.

And our students continue to perform well and secure high marks in national examinations. The students are eager to learn and they work hard. This is a testament to the quality of academics that we are offering and trying to improve always.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website. Please contact us if you would like to know more or would like to explore volunteer opportunities.


Mrs. Veda Shaheen Gill
Executive Director, Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan