Principal Message

Christian-Girls-HS-Martinpur-logoMartinpur, a Christian village located in the Sheikhpura district of the Punjab, was established in 1898 by Dr. Samuel Martin, a United Presbyterian Church Missionary. Christian Girls’ High School is one of two schools run by the Presbyterian Education Board in the village. The school was established in the early 1900s by Presbyterian missionaries.

In 1972, Christian Girls` Primary School, Martinpur was nationalized by the Government of Punjab. When the school was denationalized in 1998, it had only 57 students studying in classes Nursery to Class 5. Over the years since denationalisation, the school has grown and is now a high school with over 420 students, from Martinpur Village and the surrounding area, studying in classes Nursery to Class 10. The school is open to both boys and girls up to Class 5 and girls only in Classes 6 to 10.

Over the years, the school has not only grown in numbers, but also in the quality of education being offered. The school’s Matriculation Examination results continue to improve year by year. In 2015, the school had a 100% pass rate, with 56% of students obtaining A or A+ grade, with one student achieving a score of 923/1100. The school is contributing to the uplift of the local community, as many of the girls who have graduated from the school have gone on to college for higher studies or have gone into nursing and other professions, which then enables them to support their families back in the village. Some students, after completing their studies, have returned to Martinpur Village to teach in the school.

Martinpur-classroomA special English language programme has been started at the school to help students gain confidence in speaking English. All students study science at Matriculation and a room has been converted into a science laboratory, so that students are able to do basic experiments, though a proper science laboratory is a desperate need. Computer studies are also taught throughout the school.

The school encourages each student to reach their fullest academic potential, but it also encourages each student to participate in co-curricular activities, so that they can develop themselves more fully as people. Students from Christian Girls’ High School Martinpur enthusiastically participate in the co-curriculum activities organized within school and by the Presbyterian Education Board for all its schools. Students have done well, winning prizes in the Inter-school Debate Competition, Inter-school Sports Competition, Inter-school Science Competition and the Inter-school Carol Singing Competition. It is encouraging to see how well the students do in these competitions.

When the school was denationalised, the physical condition of the school was very poor, with no furniture, electricity, water or toilets. With the support of partners and friends, PEB has been able to provide furniture to all the students along with a supply of electricity, clean drinking water and toilets. Other facilities and equipment have also been provided and recently the school has been blessed with a new academic block consisting of 8 classrooms. Staff and students are thankful to all the friends who have given so generously to make this possible.

Education is key to the development of Pakistan. With the support of partners around the world, children in Martinpur and the surrounding village areas are being educated and have the opportunity for a better future. Their lives are being changed and we hope that in their turn, they will contribute to the future growth and development of Pakistan.


Mrs. Farhana Amir

Chak No. 371 G.B. Christian Girls’ HS
Martinpur, Pakistan