Principal Message

logoChristian Girls’ High School Kasur is situated in Kasur, a city to the south of Lahore and close to the Indian border. The school was founded in 1960. It was nationalized by the government of the Punjab in 1972 and was finally returned to the Presbyterian Education Board in September 2000. At that time there were only 115 students at the school and the academic standards were very low with only a 13% pass rate at Matriculation. The school was without furniture, electricity and rest rooms. Since then, the Presbyterian Education Board has worked to improve the physical conditions at the school as well as the academic standard. There are now 390 students studying at the school from Class Nursery to Class 10 and the Matriculation results over the past few years has been over 90%. In the Matriculation Examination 2015, there was a 100% pass rate with 21% of the students obtaining A+ or A grade. The highest mark was 923/1100. Graduates of the school have gone on to higher studies at local colleges or into nursing and other professions.

The school provides an environment which encourages all students to reach their full potential in academic studies, as well as helping them develop in character, in line with the school’s core values of self discipline, tolerance, integrity and respect. The school is open to both boys and girls up to Class 5 and then girls from Classes 6 to 10. Scholarships are available to deserving students who are unable to pay full fees. The school has a fully equipped science laboratory as all students study Science at Matriculation.

Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, which include participation in the inter-school competitions run by the Presbyterian Education Board: English Debate, Urdu Debate, Carol Singing, Science and Sports. These competitions not only give students the opportunity to show their talents, but also teach students important skills such as working together as a team, public speaking, management and leadership, which are needed in every walk of life. We hope that in the future our students, having learned these skills, will be able to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Education is a lifelong process. We want to give our students the skills they need to be able to continue that journey into a bright future.

Over the course of its history, more than 22,000 girls have been educated at this school.

Classes Offered:

Nursery through Class 5 (co-educational); Class 6 through Class 10 (girls only) Enrolment: 340 students (52% Christian; 48% Muslim)

yeahOngoing School Goals

  • To increase enrolment.
  • To increase the involvement of parents in their children’s education.
  • To create students’ confidence in speaking English.
  • To improve students’ handwriting.
  • To organize different competitive events at the school.

Involving Parents in  their Child’s Education

Parent-Teacher meetings are held on a regular basis to encourage parents to be more involved in their child’s education. Special calls are made to some parents to discuss students who are facing particular problems in school. Parents are also invited to school functions, for example, Results Day, Sports Day, and Graduation.

Professional Development of Teachers

Teachers participate regularly in training workshops organized by Presbyterian Education Board. They also take part in teacher training provided by US educators who travel to Pakistan during July each year (when available).


Mrs. Meena Khushi

Kot Ghulam Muhammad
Kutchery Road
Kasur, Pakistan
Phone: 049-2772964