Christian-Girls-HS-Martinpur-logoThe school aims to provide high quality education in an environment where students also learn respect for others, fairness, and tolerance so that they can become good citizens and positive contributors to their community and their country.

The village of Martinpur, established in 1898, was named in honor of Dr. Samuel Martin, a United Presbyterian Church missionary. He secured this land and selected 72 families from different parts of the province of Punjab to come and live in the new area. Martinpur is located in the Sheikhpura district which has a population of 857,000 (2012 data).

While the school was under government control (1972-1998), the facilities were neglected and many classrooms became unusable. Educational standards dropped drastically. The lack of a boundary wall around the school property meant that townspeople and animals freely wanted across school grounds that had earlier been used for sports fields.

When the school was returned to PEB, much work needed to be done. Staff was hired, and PEB appointed a Repair and Renovation Committee to assess the needs of the buildings and furnishings, to set priorities, get bids for the work, and start the project. Rebuilding was boosted by a generous gift from the Martin family. A boundary wall was built, followed by water and sanitary facilities, and renovations to some classrooms.

Since initial work was completed in 2002, enrollment has increased and academic results have improved. More classrooms have been renovated, a toilet block for students has been added, and clean drinking water is now available. The school also provides IT training to members of the community.

Since the school was established in the early 20th century, over 14,000 boys have been educated at the school.

Ms. Sania Amir

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